Hi. Welcome and congrats to committing to your reset! The purpose of your cleanse is to rid your body of built up toxins, give your pallet a fresh clean start, and to (re-)introduce the powerful offerings of Mother Nature… REAL FOOD. Juicing loads your body with an abundance of powerful vitamins, minerals and antioxidants on a cellular level. Who doesn’t love the thought?! Your body and brain definitely do. Your cellular connection to wholesome, nutrient dense, REAL FOOD starts here.

Reset + Cleanse Kit Options:

Juice Cleanses-

The “Ritual” Cleanse: An introductory cleanse to give the digestive system a break and (re-)introduce raw greens & fresh fruit juice.
1 ea.   All Green Everything, Beet It, Apple Spice, 24 Carrot, Sweet Greens, *Cashew Cream  52

The “All Green” Cleanse: The most aggressive of the cleanses. Packing in chlorophyll rich greens and hydration, giving the body full nutrient dense fuel on a cellular level for the optimal reset.
1ea.   Die Hard Green, Refresh, Sweet Green, Popeye Green, All Green Everything, *Cashew Cream  52

Real Food Resets-
(Insulated Bag Included)

The “Renew You” Reset: 3 Nutrient Dense Scratch-Made Soups + 2 Superfood Smoothies to nourish you body + mind.
1ea. Kale Quinoa Soup, Healing Black Lentil Soup, *Ginger Carrot Soup, *Superfruit Smoothie, *Mint Chip Smoothie 50

The “Hybrid” Reset: 2 Nutrient Dense Wellness Bowls, 2 Cold Pressed Juice Blends + 1 Wellness Shot to satiate and fuel you through the day. Cold Pressed Juice to cleanse the body of any remnant animal protein toxins, clean the palette and chew through the process while doing so. This reset is a lifestyle driven, a clear view into what clean eating on the daily can look like.
1ea. *Crab Cake Caesar Bowl, *Sweet Asian Bowl, Beet It, All Green Everything, Daily Kick Start Wellness Shot 60

The “Lifestyle” Cleanse: 1 Breakfast Parfait, 2 Nutrient Dense Soups + 2 Wellness Bowls intended for the more hungry wellness lover.
1 ea. *Chia Parfait, *Sweet Asian Bowl, *Crab Cake Caesar Bowl, *Ginger Carrot Soup, Healing Black Lentil Soup 60

*Item Contains Tree Nuts

Cleanse Instructions

How To Juice Cleanse-

3 days prior to cleansing, for optimal results, drink 8 large glasses of water a day (you should be doing this daily regardless). Eliminate any processed, sugar laden, “fake foods.” A few examples would be: fried foods, refined carbohydrates, soda, ice cream, cookies, alcohol, etc.

Being in a relaxed, committed mindset will make your cleanse both gratifying and smooth. Set your goal, and make it happen! Kick, fight and scream but know the end result is worth it! Your body, your brain and your wellness are worth it.

Communicating to friends and family about your nutritional mission aka juice cleanse will help you stay on track and reinforce the support system.

During cleansing be sure to start the day with a large glass of filtered water, a squeeze of lemon is recommended. Drink your 6 cold pressed juices in 2 hour increments. 8am is the recommended start time depending on your schedule. We recommend, 30 minutes before or after each juice, you consume filtered water comparable to one juice bottle. Basically for every bottle you take in of juice we recommend taking in the same amount of water. HYDRATION is key! If you break down and must chew something we recommend an avocado, a few raw unsalted nuts or fresh organic fruit / vegetables. Stay strong friends! You can do this…

Physical training should be on a low impact level if you choose to exercise during your cleanse. Giving your body a break during your cleanse is recommended, but if you must we recommend not getting crazy.

Post cleansing is the most important part of cleansing. Start your day with a large glass of water, lemon juice is always a great addition. Day one, post cleanse, we recommend following a vegetarian / vegan diet. Opt for vibrant leafy greens, fresh vegetables and fruit. Day two, you can incorporate nuts, seeds and whole grains. On the third day and any day thereafter you can reincorporate organic meats, fish and poultry, if desired. Be sure to consume plenty of nutrient dense foods / juice post cleanse on a daily basis. Supplementing your diet intermittently, daily, with juice is highly recommended. It ensures consumption of an abundance of powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. If it has grown from Mother Nature’s ground or sustained itself eating Mother Nature’s offerings consider it REAL FOOD.

We are not physicians. Please consult your physician if you have any pre-existing health conditions or have any concerns about your health and cleansing. Our product has not been pasteurized therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems. Our facility also processes tree nuts although we are PEANUT FREE.