• Yes! We proudly work with purveyors that source our produce from organic farms and deliver it fresh to our door daily. Yup, fresh organic produce delivered on the daily!

  • Cold pressing is an extraction method that incorporates thousands of pounds of hydraulic pressure to produce vegetable and fruit juice. The cold pressed method is a heatless process, leaving intact the natural enzymes that are typically depleted otherwise. What this means is all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are optimized. Most common juice extraction methods are centrifugal or single auger, which both utilize spinning blades to extract, creating heat. The more heat, the less potent the nutritional content. 

  • HPP (high pressure processing) processing is a new form of cold pasteurization that differs from traditional heated pasteurization. It is said that HPP processing is less abrasive as a pasteurization method than the traditional forms. We, at Fruits & Roots Juice Bar, do not HPP or traditionally pasteurize. We prefer to keep our juice RAW and unpasteurized. Therefore not tampering with or depleting all of the nutrient dense goodness juiced from Mother Nature’s offerings.

  • During your cleanse you MAY experience weight loss… naturally. If you stick to the regime you will notice your skin will glow, your eyes will shine bright, your belly will flatten, your ability to focus and energy will be on point. The KEY to maintaining is consumption POST CLEANSE. Post cleansing you should opt for organic wholesome foods including an abundance of dark leafy greens, fresh fruits, vegetables and sufficient protein to accompany all of your meals. Substitute your chewable greens with GREEN JUICE if you find it difficult to get the recommended amount of veggies via chewing. Balance your macronutrients (protein, good fat & carbohydrate) to the best of your abilities. AVOID REFINED SUGARS & REFINED CARBOHYDRATES.  Rule of thumb – If it grows from the ground or sustains itself from eating the plethora of nutrient dense offerings Mother Nature provides us with, EAT IT.

  • Naturally if you’re consuming liquids you will need to urinate. Anything beyond that is 100% based on the individual and how their body may react. Everyone is different.
    Juicing should assist with regulating of the bowel. However, as mentioned, each person is different. Current diet and the length of the cleanse plays a big part. The longer you cleanse the less abundant your bowel will become.

  • Naturally anything composed of plant-based, wholesome, nutrient dense goodness is GREAT for you. Juiced, blended, chopped, baked..  if it’s organic, wholesome and plant-based its a winner. Organic Cold Pressed Juice is a form of detox and nutritiousness on a cellular level. Our cells are thirsty little suckers that need an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to thrive and kick butt. Juice goes straight into the blood stream judo-chopping all the nasty little toxins lurking without any obstruction. Smoothies digest slower due to the higher fiber content, it’s simply a different effect. Drinking both benefit the body. Both are good guys. You win with both. Juicing just hits home a little harder and faster.

  • Absolutely NOT! Eat REAL FOOD while you’re pregnant.

  • No. Alcohol is TOXIC and doing so would be counterproductive.

  • There a few options for you if you just can’t fight off those hunger pangs. Drink water or drink more juice. An avocado or a few nuts would work as well. We recommend sticking to just juice. If you have experience with cleansing and are familiar with the feelings associated with a juice only cleanse, you can always opt for our combo cleanse. The combo cleanse includes cold pressed juice and vegetarian wellness bowls.

  • No, raw unpasteurized cold pressed juice should remain refrigerated until you choose to enjoy it. 

  • Yes, yes and YES. Hydration is key. While many varieties of our cold pressed juice contain ingredients like cucumber, which is super hydrating, water should always be your primary source of hydration. I mean, we are pretty much made of water. We recommend that for every bottle of cold pressed juice consumed you consume the equivalent in filtered water 30 minutes BEFORE or AFTER. You want to give your body the opportunity to absorb the nutrients in the cold pressed juice. Waiting, at least,  a cool 30 is always recommend. Water actually assists our body in nutrient absorption by dissolving other substances. Teamwork for the win.